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- by ria, on Wednesday, 1st September 2010, 3:52pm

I’m a writer. It’s what I’ve chosen to be because I love creating things. But life could have worked out differently for me. I have a diploma in printing and for a while all I wanted to be was a printer. I wanted to get my hands dirty, to see physical things come about because of what I was doing. And if I couldn’t do printing, I wanted to do bookbinding.

I bound my first book at age 11 (or something). It was about 20 pages, stitched. My next attempt at book binding was at age 18. It was 12 pages (or something), made by folding one A3 sheet over and over and then cutting the folds. I think I stapled that one.

Moving on to more recent times, I’ve printed out each draft of my novel (having a printed copy really helps with edits). My binding attempts were reduced to hole-punching and putting it in a ring binder or using a twinlock type thing. It seems my first attempt at binding was the most elaborate. Until now.

Adventures in Book Binding

Draft 3 is finished and I want to print copies for my writers’ group to read (and critique). But the ring-binder method isn’t good enough for them. I want books that look perfect bound (using glue along the spine). So, I did what any good researcher would do, and went to google to find out how I could make perfect bound books at home.

I came across the Fun and Easy How to Guide to Binding Your Own Paperback Books At Homeā€¦FAST, which went into detail on the whole process. But first, I needed to build a binding machine.

Now, I quite enjoy the odd DIY project and it just so happened that I had an old wooden drawer lying around the place, so I set to with ruler and saw to cut the pieces I needed. Everything went well. I used an old peeler as a makeshift planer to square off the bits of wood. I painted everything. It looked lovely, and then I had to drill the holes for the bolts.

Hmm. I think I should stop the entry here. Let’s just say the drilling didn’t go so well. The bits of wood were too small and the wood itself wasn’t the best quality. So here I am today, without a binding machine and no idea what I can do to make things better.

If you decide to bind your own books, I hope things work out better for you.

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