Writing is a Series of Questions

- by ria, on Thursday, 22nd July 2010, 5:33pm

Writing is not so much a series of questions, as it is the answers to those questions. I find all my difficulties can by written away if I just ask the right question and find the answer to it. Questions solve all sorts of nasty problems like:
What’s happening now?
What needs to happen next?
Why is my character doing this?

If I get stuck, I’ll open notepad, stick a question at the top and spend a while figuring out an answer to it. I find it helps me think. I can stare out the window puzzling over my problem all day, but I find I get things done much faster if I jot my thoughts down.

Questions even help with the niggly things like, ‘is it farther or further?’ Or more to the point, ‘if I replace farther with “more far” will the sentence still make sense?’

I’m always asking myself questions like that, and I find the answers are what is getting my novel written.

Just a quick post this week. I’m busy with work (paying work, not novel work). I should have something longer next week. And sorry, I’m posting this late (Wednesday is posting day). Hopefully work things with be a bit calmer next week.

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